Do you struggle with your lawn mower???

I am blogging about lawn mowers at the request of my next door neighbor.  Last Saturday morning as I started my early morning walk with the dogs, I noticed my neighbor struggling to start her lawn mower.  I am conscious not to patronize as I have a tendency to give too much unsolicited advice when I am only  wanting to help, I let her know in passing that there are only 3 things at play when running a lawn mower:  air, spark and fuel.  I went about my dog walk and upon returning she was still fussing.  She said the air filter was clean and she had gas so….  I said, “It’s your spark plug”.   I promptly went into my garage for a new plug and …. yep, it started right up.  So … remember, trouble starting your lawn mower? 3 things:  fuel, spark and air!

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