Money Well Spent

A word to the wise: When hiring an agent, you get what you pay for.

We got called to a listing presentation today by a seller who has already had his house listed twice. Both times the listing was cancelled without a sale. We first met with him two years ago and didn’t get the listing so this time we asked him, “why didn’t you hire us?” He said it was because the other agents agreed to discount their commissions, but after more than two years, he still hasn’t sold his house. We asked him what kind of service he got — open houses? No. Showing prep help? No. Did the agent check on the house after showings? No. So, no service and no sale. So much for your discount!

When he called us again, he asked us if we would reduce our commission. We explained, again, that we are full-service agents and that we are worth our full commission, which is typically 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. Out of that we pay our broker, our insurance, all our membership fees (National and local association of Realtors, MLS, SUPRA and more), marketing costs, taxes, etc., etc., so we don’t get rich off your deal.

But why are we worth 3%? And what does “full service” mean?

The difference between us and many discount agents is that we care – I mean really care – that your house sells. The discount philosophy says: Get as many listings as you can and do as little as possible. Some houses will sell and others won’t, it doesn’t matter that much because little effort was expended.

When we take a listing, our goal is to sell your house for the highest value possible as quickly as possible. We don’t want our listings to sit, so we work them. We take professional photos, have multiple open houses, print high quality fliers, put your home on area Realtor home tours and actively market your home to our sphere of influence. We spend our money to make you money. Full service doesn’t stop here. Do you have a dog at home and work during the day? We’ll walk your dog during showings. Need someone to open your home for the cleaner or the pool guy? That’s us. Worried someone left a door open? We will check on your house. Need estimates for repairs? We will coordinate those. We will do the legwork for you, so you can focus on you! We have even painted a carport, trimmed bushes and cleaned out garages for our sellers. Why? Because we are hard workers who care that your home sells and you are 100% satisfied with the process.

Remember, you get what you pay for, so pay for a great agent to list your house – you will be glad you did!

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