Willo – On Our Borders (2nd in series)

Helen Anderson HouseThe Helen Anderson House

Does anybody remember Jutenhoops? How about the Willow House? You certainly know Hob Nobs!

This cute fairytale Cotswold Cottage that sits on the corner of 3rd Avenue and McDowell has been a neighborhood favorite for years! The National Historic Register listed this property on November 30, 1983 as the Helen Anderson House—built in 1920 for Helen Anderson, the widow of insurance company organizer Carl H. Anderson.

Many Phoenix old timers will remember that in the 1980’s the Helen Anderson House was the home of Jutenhoops, a novelty store that was packed with quirky gifts, cards and unusual collectables.  In fact, Jutenhoops became so popular they opened additional stores, the most memorable location being the one at Town and Country Mall. In the 1990’s, after Jutenhoops moved, the Helen Anderson House became the hip neighborhood art boutique and coffee café, the Willow House. (Yes, that’s Willow with a “w”.) The Willow house was always a hopping with college kids, 12 steppers and neighbors alike. Ever so scrappy and fun, the best part was the enormous red bow that hung over the front door. I hated to see the bow go!

For several years now, this English Cottage revival has been known as Hob Nobs—all cleaned up from its Willow House days and selling a large assortment of craft beers, wine, pizza and sandwiches. I love hearing the live local musicians playing on the patio on any given night.

The Cotswold cottage style architecture of the Helen Anderson house is a unique style of home, originally fromWillo Home 2 England, and commonly referred to as “storybook” style. Cotswolds are known for their pseudo-thatched roofs, arched doorways, steep arched gables, brick or stone siding and prominent chimneys. If you are a fan of this look, there are many Cotswold cottages in the Villa Verde Historic District; between 19th and 20th avenues, south of Encanto.  Needless to say, Willo, being the eclectic neighborhood it is, has a few too!

This is part of a series of articles about interesting buildings on the edges of Willo. If you have an idea for a building you would like to see profiled, contact us at downtownphoenixagent@gmail.com


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